Understanding this work site is part of a geneologial journey through the bridling of family Rochin.

StratGlobal, Rochin


StratGlobal is a corporate business response enterprise that develops communication networks through agricultural accolade, and then generates distributables, to broaden a small economy infrastructure.  StratGlobal was founded of May 2011 in San Diego and currently establishes economic basis for the small enterprise responses.

An inherent focus of StratGlobal, Rochin, is in the development of Capacity based agricultural economics to identify strategy in engineering responses.

Agricultural Enterprises focusing on empowering small economic purposes of farmers and small business developments that are seeking cooperative bases; the following are a combined effort of Dr. Refugio I. Rochin and Mrs. Cassie Morton

  • Fall 2015: Mozambique – CNFA Food Chain Analysis and Plan for Buzi Horticultural cooperative.
  • Fall 2014: Mozambique – CNFA Farmer2Farmer Program, Strategic Planning SIWAMA org.
  • Fall 2012: Kenya – CNFA-USAID, Chain Value Planning & Resource Development, volunteer w/Kenya Leather Development Council (C)
  • Fall 2010: Ghana - Wenchi, ACDI-VOCA, Chain Value Marketing & Regional Development (C).





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